01. Broadcasting

Due to conversion to digital format of the terrestrial broadcasting system and expansion of mobile multimedia broadcasting, it is necessary to resolve interruption between analogue and new digital channels. In addition, we are developing and supplying a wide variety of filters and combiners for D-TV, T-DMB and L-BAND used in Japan, Europe and North America in order to meet the increasing demand for high performance filters and combiners for maximum efficiency of limited frequency sources.

02. Mobile Communication

We are focusing on developing and supplying specialized filters as a solution to eliminate interruption caused by multiple services and improve service quality in response to the dramatic growth of the mobile communication market. Additionally, we are committed to develop and supply special purpose killer filters and combiners for CDMA-GSM interruption and Co-Site.

03. Military

We have made entry into both the domestic and international electronic filter markets since the domestication of electronic high-power baseband filters. We are leading the domestication of filters for guided weapons while striving to expand its business to various fields.

04. Tunable Filter Application

Tunable Filter Application is a system that electronically controls multiple channels to conform to the frequency environment of each station. It is a key RF component for the receiver part of a station system.